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* * *
With Piiko gone...the house is much quieter, save for the birds that follow Juugo home...

It isn't such a bad life if boring... Things seem calm...too calm.

Medea...anyone you need..taken care of, hmm? To...liven things up a little?

Yomi//Visible to Juugo and Kimimaro//Otherwise unhackableCollapse )
* * *
I See that Juugo has gone to retrieve his friend...

I suppose I can prepare the spare bedroom. At least...now it will see use.

An interesting distraction, as little else has proved to be as such recently. Quiet...too quiet.
* * *
So little happening lately...

I rather miss Akabane at times like this...he was delightful to play with.

For what it matters...I suppose I will attend the...function. For a time at least. Help...keep order, if you will. It's what I'm paid to do...after all...
* * *


Piiko. You will return home, or go and find Yue and remain with him. Either or, but you will stay wherever you choose unless myself or Yue authorize differently.

...I found another of those posters and...

Kimimaro...keep an eye out. I could have sworn last night I heard voices outside, beneath the window..
* * *
I do not appreciate...this joke. I am not a cat, nor am I...lost.

I think finding this address would be advisable...

Endrance, you saw one as well, yes...?
cold cold
* * *
* * *
There is something...wholly satisfying about all of the blood on the floor. Now...he is truly mine...

[[ooc: Karasu just blew up his two roommates out of love <3 Feel free to have heard the explosion. He hasn't had any fun in quite a while, so it was rather loud]]
horny horny
* * *
...Two returning creatures, though I had long ago expected the Spirit Detective to be here. It was only a matter of time...that he would come sniffing after his friends...

And the other...Orochimaru.

I am withholding judgment, out of my...respect for my Kimimaro.

Tell me...tantei...how are the rest of you faring? Comfy...? Cozy?...Enjoying an extended stay in what boils down to a watered-down Makai...?

I wonder if Yomi-sama or the other Kings will grace us next. Or Bui....or Otouto...

Private//UnhackableCollapse )
annoyed annoyed
* * *
So dark here..

Like the Makai. But it doesn't smell like the Makai.

Want to go out for awhile...

Will come back later. I want to fly...

-there is a pause, soft muttering before turning back-

Kimi is resting. I don't want to bother him. We can play later.

It'll be okay.

-and off he goes, the machine shutting off after a few moments-
* * *
-The machine flickers to life as Karasu stumbles to it, tapping at the microphone gently-


Where am I? This isn't home. This place is...too dusty. And...whose that on the bed? He's got...really pretty hair...but he's not a demon. He's human...I can smell that much.


-a sniffing sound before a sigh, and a ruffling sound, like that of wings being fluffed-

No...mama isn't here. Or papa. Not even niisan. I can't smell -anyone- else.

-a sniffling sound before he seems to settle back quietly-

Is anyone out there...?
* * *
I feel...so much better now. Health and vigor returned, and not even an ache left to show that I was ill. Pleasant, with such careful people...


Both such kind souls...

To Medea|UnhackableCollapse )
* * *
* * *